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The area which is now Fluvanna County was once part of Henrico County, one of the original shires of the Virginia Colony. Henrico was divided in 1727 and the Fluvanna County area became a part of Goochland County. In 1744 Goochland was divided and the area presently known as Fluvanna became a part of Albemarle County. Finally, in 1777, Albemarle County was divided and Fluvanna County established. The county was named for the Fluvanna River, a name once given to the James River west of Columbia. “Fluvanna” means “Anne’s River”, in honor of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, who reigned until 1714.[3] Located in the Piedmont above the Fall Line, the county has the James and Rivanna rivers running through it.

The Point of Fork (near Columbia where the James and Rivanna rivers meet) was the site of a major Monacan village of the Native Americans in pre­colonial times. In the late eighteenth century, Thomas Jefferson improved the navigability of the Rivanna River, as he owned much property along its upper course, e.g. Shadwell and Monticello plantations. Improvements included in the first generation (through 1830) were sluice cuts, small dams and batteaux locks. Second generation (1840–1870) improvements made by others included construction of long stretches of canal, serviced by large locks, many of which are still visible along the river.

Today Fluvanna County remains a rural county with unincorporated communities of

● Fork Union
● Kents Store
● Lake Monticello
● Palmyra
● Bremo Bluff
● Columbia

As of 2014 Fluvanna was home to 26,092 people.

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