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Major Advantage #1The Team Approach

The Savage Team uses the “Team Approach” to get your home SOLD. This is why you should  list with us. Selling a home is a difficult and complicated business.  There are a million details to be handled in order to get you the highest price with the least inconvenience to you.  Nothing should slip through the cracks… it could be costly to you in terms of time, inconvenience and money.  That’s why we work together as a “team of experts” with a game plan, from the day the sign goes in the yard until the day your moving truck is packed and away!

Major Advantage #2Expertise

The Savage Team has the expertise to get the job done!  Basically, we have three things to offer a Seller when the question is asked why list with us:  Knowledge, negotiation skills and market exposure. bendersFirst, we are very KNOWLEDGEABLE about marketing, financing, contracts and transaction processing.  Judy has been a licensed Realtor and Top Producer for over 30 years and Tara has 18 years of experience. This much experience translates into unbeatable knowledge. In a typical transaction, there are over 60 people involved from contract to close, and you need someone with the experience to guide you through this process.  You can trust The Savage Team to get the job done! Second, we are EXCELLENT NEGOTIATORS.  Our results with helping thousands  of families serve as testimony to this fact.  Our job is to protect your interests to the best of our ability.  It is our skill that can increase your return at the time of contract negotiation. Finally, we also have a PROACTIVE MARKETING and networking plan to reach both the internal and external markets.   It’s important to market your home to both the real estate community and the buying public.  We spend the money on things that get results!

What You Can Expect From The Savage Team

  • Experience
  • You will benefit from more than 50 years of successful experience in residential real estate.
  • Ethical Standards Integrity and strict ethical standards are assured by The Savage Team.  We support and practice the professional standards of the National Association of REALTORS®, the Virginia Association of REALTORS®, and the local board of REALTORS® and are respected by our peers.
  • Prepared Salespeople We never stop learning! Ongoing extensive, comprehensive education prepares all team members to be immediately effective in the field.  Moreover, our continued education keeps our professional skills up-to-date assuring you accuracy and competency in an ever changing industry.
  • Broad Exposure and Immediate Coverage Your home will be exposed to buyers generated by the systems we have in effect for distributing your listing to hundreds of websites with professional photography and marketing within minutes of your listing being activated on our local MLS.
  • Full Time Effort Your marketing needs will be satisfied by a team of full-time professional representatives.  All this translates into a quick sale at the most amount of money with the least hassle on your part.  That’s what it is all about anyway, right?  Hopefully we’ve answered your question about why list with us, but if there is any doubt……………….


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“Judy helped me to locate and purchase a home last year.” -- Jun 2016

“Judy helped me to locate and purchase a home last year. I enjoyed working with her because she was prompt in returning calls, diligent in searching for just the right home for me and an expert on our local communities. She followed through and helped me with the purchase right through closing. I would not hesitate to hire her as a listing or buyers agent. I recently sought her advice on a real estate matter and I was not surprised when she was prompt and professional in her response.” mcraig_3 Bought a home in 2010.

“Judy was patient and understanding.” -- Jun 2016

“Judy was patient and understanding. We found a short sale home in a great location and through Judy we located a lawyer that helped us negotiate and even better deal in a short period of time.” Ricanator Bought a home in 2011.

From a Recent Seller -- Jan 2022

Heartfelt – from a Recent  Seller

“Judy Savage has been our Real Estate agent for every house we’ve bought since our first house in 1994.” -- Jun 2016

“Judy Savage has been our Real Estate agent for every house we’ve bought since our first house in 1994. She has a very detailed knowledge of the local market and local neighborhoods. Judy has always been professional and prompt in her dealings with us and others. She has always gone the extra mile and we’ve appreciated that!” user9054358 Sold a home in 2012 in Yancey Mills, Free Union, VA 22932.

“The Savage Team did a wonderful job helping us find our home!” -- Jun 2016

“Excellent knowledge and communication. Kept us updated and answered all of our many questions. Knows background info in many of the builders and an excellent source of market information and advice. Just and her entire office did a wonderful job helping us find our home!” kclairetice Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $250K in Palmyra, VA.

“Could not have been happier with my decision to use Judy Savage and her “Savage Team” to sell my home.” -- Jun 2016

“Could not have been happier with my decision to use Judy Savage and her “Savage Team” to sell my home. She had the house under contract within 5 months of listing and she brought the buyer in and saved me some commish. The price I got for the home was very reasonable considering the market in Charlottesville (in my price point). Mine sold where others have not! Thanks Judy!” Mitch Busker Sold a home in 2011.

“Mrs. Savage was very helpful and easy to work with.” -- Jun 2016

“Mrs. Savage was very helpful and easy to work with. As first-time homebuyers, we appreciate that she clarified everything we needed to know, guided us through the paperwork with minimal hassle, and gave excellent advice for our unusual circumstances. I would definitely recommend her to anyone buying a home.” dunn_diana Bought a home in 2011 in Venable, VA 22903.

-- Jan 2022

Highly likely to recommend|5.0 09/22/2020 – jencole25 Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Charlottesville, VA. Negotiation skills Tara is more than a realtor she is a partner in your real estate transaction. She thinks outside of the box and is a master at navigating complicated transactions. Her depth of knowledge of the local area and her extensive knowledge of the real estate industry make her the person to have on your team when you go to make the largest investments of your life.

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