Fall Foliage in and around the Charlottesville area




As the days get shorter in Charlottesville the one thing we can be happy about is all the color that nature has bestowed upon us as all the trees that surround us burst out with fall colors.  It comes on slowly but in a matter of days it looks like the hills are on fire with a display of bright oranges, reds and yellow.  Folks come from all over the state to partake in the spectacle that only lasts for a few weeks.  So, needless to say the next couple of weeks are some of the top tourist seasons of the year.  Visitors come to climb Humpback Rock and to take leisurely rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway but just around town there a beautiful spectacles of gorgeous colors in our own back yards.  It’s just one of the pluses of living in the Charlottesville area and why buying a home in the Charlottesville area comes with some many beautiful benefits.

You can always check the Department of Forestry’s website to determine exactly where the the best time for foliage watching might be and track the “peak” season as it arrives throughout the state.  But, it’s easy to say that the best vantage point is right here in our own backyard in Charlottesville.  For up to date foliage reports click here


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