Fall is a great time to sell your house



Just because summer officially ended  doesn’t mean your hopes for selling your home are over. For current home sellers in the Charlottesville area, you’re in luck as more motivated homebuyers continue to enter the local real estate market. If you have plans to sell your  home this year, don’t wait! Listing your home now has many benefits, including beating the holiday lull that will hit in the near future.  October and November can still be prime times to sell your home in Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Louisa and Nelson County. Don’t be discouraged by the end of the busy summer real estate months— these 3 reasons can help show how fall is perfect for home sellers:
Homebuyers are still here
It is no secret that Charlottesville area homebuyers are serious during the summer months, but that will not change much this fall. Homebuyers are still motivated, ready to move and now, even more able to move. Fall is also known as a slowing down period— the kids are back in school and buyers are more focused solely on moving to a new home. They will be searching for Virginia homes online in the coming months and if yours catches their eye, they will be just as ready to move as others were in the summer.  Inventory is at a very low point.
You don’t have as much competition
For home sellers in the Charlottesville area, competition among other sellers might stall a home sale. However, this fall you have less competition as inventory remains low. Many homeowners will wait to list their homes until spring, so now is the time for your property to shine.  As your local real estate experts, we are happy to fill you in on the current state of the market in Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Louisa and Nelson County. Know that inventory levels vary by community— contact the Savage Team to see how many homes are for sale where you live!
The process will run smoothly
It’s always important to remember that dealing with each of the parties involved in a home sale can take time, but even more during the holiday season. Banks and lenders continue to tighten their standards, so allowing the Savage Team to sell your home —before winter slows things even further— can help counteract these changes.

For many homeowners, the idea that fall and winter are poor times to sell will have them holding off until spring to list. But just the opposite is true! Fall can be prime time for home sellers in the Charlottesville Virginia area, especially with the number of motivated homebuyers in the market.
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